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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Creative Space

Looking a little different than normal this week, but the bathroom will be done by the weekend, and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!! It's looking very good, my dad is coming up tomorrow to install the new vanity; then a few bits and pieces, and it'll be finished! So exciting. Altogether, the entire thing cost us less than $150, which I am damn proud of, and there will be before and afters by Sunday. I just spent about a half hour painting the radiator with rust paint; it's a very small room, and I'm pretty sure my IQ has dropped by at least a few points.
The light got a fresh coat of paint too, since a) it was "antique white" and didn't match anything, but b) it was $18, marked down from about $150. Oh, I love the thrifting!
In other news, there are also cookies...

Back to actual crafting after the bathroom is done; mostly for Christmas, but also in prep for the craft show I'm doing on the 4th. If anyone is in the area, come by! It's at the Halifax Independant School on Connaught Ave; admission is $1, all proceeds going to the school.

Also, completely unrelated to anything, I did a little Christmas shopping today and when I went into Winners, I saw a car that was fully taking up 2 spots. It was a small car, about Corolla size, and it was parked dead centre on the line. Damn it, I hate it when people can't drive (also people who don't return their carts at the grocer, but that's a whole other post). So I left her a nice little note*, that said "Nice parking job. Remember, it's like kindergarten: try to stay inside the lines, douche." Okay, so it wasn't so nice, but c'mon. It's almost Christmas, the lot was packed. In the words of Chuck Palahniuk, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. It's free to show courtesy to others. Oh, and I realize I said her; Adam was in the car when the woman came out. He said she put her bag in the trunk, got in the car, then got out and got the note, read it, looked at how she was parked as if she had no idea how that happened, and drove away.
*Yes, I'm aware that this is petty. I just don't care. Learn to drive, and park, or take the GD bus, Effie.

More creative, and probably mostly rant-less, spaces at Kootooyo.

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  1. Well she knows now! I love your repainted light fitting, I'll have to come back on Sunday and visit the 'after' pics.