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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well the farmer's market was.... how can I put it... it was le suck. I sold nothing. Not one thing. I did resist the urge to start an altercation with the woman who came by, and commented only on the Christmas frame I'd made by hot gluing dollar store battery powered lights to a dollar store frame; it wasn't for sale, it was simply to say, 'hi! I have great stuff for Christmas gifts, so I'm put lights here to draw your attention to me.' I don't want to be an arsehole here, but really? I mean, really? I know the things I make aren't for everyone, but that was just insulting.

However, I had a very good day with my sister, and we had the most excellent lunch. And she brought me cookies (shortbread moustaches she made for the bakesale at work to raise money for Mo'vember).

That will be my last farmer's market. From now on, craft markets or bust. Quite literally, apparently. Ho-hum, fuzzy bum. I leave you with this:



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. And I am an idiot.

    But hey! Comments!

    (Also, when did I create a blog?)

  3. a)I don't know, but yayayayay comments.
    b)You're not an idiot. I just didn't think we looked that similar.
    c)I don't have a 3rd point, but 2 things don't make for much of a list.