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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space

Look! I made something new! I love this material! I'd like to have bolts and bolts of it so I could use it to make everything. Or if not everything, then pants. And I could put them away, and keep them until I'm old, and then wear them all the time, so I could be the crazy old lady in the mermaid pants. And by 'keep them until I'm old', I mean I wouldn't wear them until Spring.
To do before bed:
  1. Carrot and pumpkin bread
  2. Draft the two patterns that are bumping around in my noggin.
  3. Tidy up all the loose threads on the things I have "finished"; easily done, since I can finish them while watching Corrie (who else on here watches Coronation Street? I swore I would never, but I'm hooked. Thanks Marcia).
  4. Maybe, just maybe, get something else sewn up.

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