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Thursday, November 11, 2010

But will it work?

It has been a decidedly uncrafty day. Cleaned and baked and Rocco took me for a drag through the park (which prompted much google-fuing of how to "loose lease" train your dog, which will start tomorrow before I end up with sprained fingers and gravel rash on my face). I did start my attempt at typewriter repair. It's in worse shape than I originally thought. It was very dirty, which I knew, but also quite rusty, which I didn't expect (how does that happen? A secretary with an excess saliva issue?) . I'm still hoping I don't have to admit defeat (although I'm already eyeing it up as usable components for crafty things). Regardless, I am hoping I don't have to junk it. Assuming I can get it to stop doing this:

Rocco hung out in the kitchen with me. When I came around the corner, I found him having a party by the door with all his friends.

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