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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I've been making....

(a post of pictures...mostly).

I ran out of the thread the other day, which necessitated a trip to Fabricville.
Whoops. But who am I to say no to remnants, and grab bags? I mean, it could be anything in there!! The bags are from Dollarama; when I was looking for brown paper bags, I couldn't find ANY, and now they have them 3/$1, and who am I to walk away from a bargain? *ahem*

I also can't walk away from anything that's the magical combination of dirty and kitschy, so I picked this up at VV for Adam. On the same trip, I bought 2 bags of material for $2.99 each. The grey felt up there was in one of them, with some other material. I've used a smidgen of the 2ish metres. To recap, that was more than 2m of wool felt for less than $3! What was I saying? I forgot, I got the material fever, and the only cure IS MORE SEWING!! Oh yea, the mug:

When we moved in here, the place was an absolute mess. Aside from the mess in our flat, literally half the basement was more junk yard than storage room. Everything was pretty much shoveled into bags (literally, the flat was shoveled out before we started cleaning here. With snow shovels. Just gross) but I did keep an old manual typewriter. Tomorrow, I'm trying to bring it back from the dead. Wish me luck.

Rocco would like to know what crafty things you're all doing....

He'd be making Christmas crafts, but he hates getting glitter in his fur.

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  1. Awww i have madea a gathered clutch too...i use it all the time...great little pattern