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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The best things in life are free.

*If you aren't a dog lover, you might want to skip this.

Don't you love when you find a company that has excellent customer service? We bought Rocco a collar from Planet Dog. On October 22, he got super excited to see the upstairs tenant, and decided he wouldn't let that hold him back. He ran really fast, and snapped the buckle. So I emailed the company, and heard back from them that day; apparently everything they sell is 100% guaranteed, but since I declined a replacement (I don't think a plastic buckle is the way to go for this pooch), they offered to replace it with toys, and today, the mailman (who Rocco likes a great deal!) brought this to the door:

I was impressed. So was Rocco, even if doesn't look it...

In other news, the bathroom is almost ready to paint, I have some crafty things on the go tomorrow, and I've been baking anything and everything that includes pumpkin. We cooked 4 of the 8 we had for hallowe'en and ended up with about 15 cups of pumpkin. There have been pancakes, and cookies (OMG! Protect me from these cookies! Can't. Stop. Eating), and dog treats, and pie.

And speaking of pie... I was gone for 2 hours yesterday, and when I got back, Rocco bolts out of the house, sits on the deck just outside the door; his ears are tucked way back, and his tail's just wagging... and I notice a fork on the floor. A fork with pumpkin pie on it. Hmm. Pie is gone from on top of the microwave. On second glance, there's a banana peel on the floor by the table, which was also on top of the microwave. Rocco is still outside the door wagging his arse, looking at me, like, 'Did I do good?? I did good!" I couldn't even call him bad; I'm mostly amazed that he managed to get the pie down, keep is upright, and... eat it with a fork?? Oy.

Real crafty things tomorrow, cross my heart. And not just crafty like my hound...

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