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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And the stockings were packed, and life returned to normal...

Christmas was quiet and very good. I came back for New Years, and at the last minute decided to skip the party and stay in. Apparently the winter hibernation is setting in early (see how I refuse to just admit to getting old? ;D). So we watched Public Enemies, and ate McFlurries (only because Cold Stone Creamery was closed, but it did the job in a pinch), and the hound didn't bring in the new year alone (I know, I know. Like he has any idea what day it is. However, the fireworks everyone was setting off was scaring the poo out of him, so I'm glad we were here). What was the point of all that, you say? Nothing at all. I hope everyone else had a good holiday. So now, it's January 4th (the year is going fast already!), my trees are down, and put away and everything looks extra bare because in my infinite slackdom, I haven't cleaned and put the "normal" things back out. I have been doing some shopping for next year, I completely lucked out and got my sister a super birthday present (if I do say do myself!) at Liquidation World (!!) that I had almost ordered off the web for her two times (!!!) previously. I love good shopping karma!! Back to productivity tomorrow, so I'll re-decorate, and clean, and de-clutter my sewing room, because nothing is getting done in there right now.

Oh, and remember how I said I'd update with pictures of gifts I was making? Welllll.... I kind of neglected to sort of take the pictures.... of the Merry Christmas bunting, and the shaving kit, and square Dr Seuss bag... I also made a wall decoration out of a muffin tin, with little gingerbread men decorating for Christmas. Mea culpa. From now on, I'm taking pictures of everything. Can I interest you in a sewing box makeover I did for my sister?

**This is turning into a very long post. Please feel free to stop reading, get a snack, stretch your legs, visit the water closet. Thanks for sticking it out this long, and please come back for a resolution update, and an exciting announcement!**

So New Years. This being my 30th New Year, I hope that I can actually keep the majority of these.
  1. Of course, I'll eat healthy and be one prime physical specimen by this time in 2011. Y'know, just like the rest of you! Well, okay, while that would be nice, I'll go for the more realistic goal of only having junk food once a week. (I can do this; I do it every year for Lent. Then it's Easter, and so it begins again...).
  2. I'll walk the dog every day, at least once a day.
  3. I'll stop leaving my socks in the living room at night.
  4. I'll start running, like my sister told me to (this is also for the hound, mostly).
  5. I'll spend less. Oh yes, I will.

And the exciting bit: I just signed up for my first swap! (I didn't say it would be exciting for you!). It's the Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Craft Swap over at Meridian Ariel, and I am eagerly awaiting the 14th of January when I get the details about my swap buddy! Yayayayay!!

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