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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Son O'Benore

Well, then. Today we got snow.

This was after about an hour. It's ridiculous. Srsly. I do not like the snow, or winter at all for that matter. It's cold, it's dark. At the moment, the roads are a mess. The hound loves it, so I can't just stay in, and hibernate like I would like to (although I did stay in for most of the day). So I saw the snow start, and I was thinking, this would be a great day to sew. Turns out, like Al Purdy, I was wrong (I can't find a copy of "Homemade Beer" online, but check this out, if you have a moment. I love Al Purdy's poems). I have managed to accomplish some things, but sewing, well, let me just say I bonded with my stitch ripper today. It was a very frustrating, like, kick a puppy into a jet engine type of day.

But not this puppy

That's his new Lion buddy. When he's tired, he likes to lay on him and suck on the big squishy feet. Yea, I know, my dog is kind of a weirdo.

So.... did I hear someone say quilt? *That was an attempt at a segueway. And for the record, whenever I read that, in my head, I say say-goo-way. Smrt, right?*
This is my huge, hand-sewn and (half) hand-quilted Apple Core quilt. (Only half quilted because when I started doing carpentry, it came with some lovely carpal tunnel, which doesn't affect work very much usually, but does mean no hand sewing when I'm working. It sucks. Anyway, moving on...). This one comes with some whimsy.

Hopefully I can get it quilted before summer. I'm pretty sure the top was done, oh, at least 12 years ago, I think it is well past due.
This is one that was intended as a wedding gift for my sister.... they just celebrated their 5th anniversary.... So... anyway... you'll notice the border isn't done... and it's not quilted....
... but look at this couch potato!!
And in the same basket I found these blocks. I had found some material that belonged to my dad's grandmother, and started making them with the intention of making a quilt, which I abandoned when I decided that they were old and not likely up to the wear and tear of quilt life. But fear not, they've been reincarnated.
Finally, my six completed blocks for my Carpenter's Wheel quilt. The remaining twenty-nine blocks are in various stages of (let's be honest) incompletion.

I have actually finished some quilts, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the picture format. I'll figure it out...
That's all I've got, people. Stay tuned for entry #100. I promise nothing super exciting, but I'll see what I can do ;D.

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  1. I love my quilt. When can I have it do you think?

    As usual your posts make me laugh. Also, those are some BEA-U-TIFUL quilts you've got there!