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Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Marcia, so she can stop checking (love you ;D)

Hello everybody.
Let's see... what's been happening...
Well, I've been waiting for that phone call about that job, that I no longer believe in. Which has been leading me to wallow, much like this

...but without the stuffy (and I've been walking the dog, and taking him in the park, and cooking him chicken hearts that he was kind enough to share with me and on and on about the hound). Unemployment sucks greasy gopher balls, I must say.

I've been reading a book of Neil Gaiman short stories, one of which scared the pee out of me. ("The Price," from Smoke and Mirrors. Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy).

I've been looking at this mess
...and thinking I should really do something about that. The boxes? They're for material. See how they're still empty? Yea. Slack as me arse.

I've been thinking about going back to school, and if it would stop snowing at some point tomorrow (or next week. I'll wait. Longer. If I have to) I'm going to talk to someone about that.

I made something for someone's birthday, who may or may not be reading this *Hiiiiiiiiiii Marther*. Sneak (blurry) peek:

Oh, and I did make a necklace...
... that I don't think is done yet. It needs some buttons. And it gave me an idea: I will be making a zig-zag quilt with red/turquoise/black, and put together with dark grey. When? No time in the near future, but... y'know... sometime...

And also, this?

This is me, on any given day, until about 11 o'clock. The miracle of not working is that every day feels like Wednesday. Sort of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. But I digress.

Check back in later to see who won my giveaway!

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  1. But now that I've read it, what to do all day?

    Love you too!