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Friday, January 7, 2011

Post #98. Really?!?

Really, really? Neat!

Since I only saw the fabric diet yesterday, it's not really my fault that I bought some fabric. Right? That's what I thought. Before Christmas, I got some fat quarters, and I got a couple for Christmas (good job, Santa!).

Then last Tuesday, I may have purchased a few fat quarters ( I don't want to incriminate myself)
.... and a half meter of this. Awesome graphics and text? I should have bought the bolt!
And in my sock from Adam, I got an entire meter of some beaver-y goodness. They just look so cheerful and patriotic
Whew. That's all I swear! No more until the end of February! Erm... zippers don't count, right? Right??

And in cookie related news, have you tried these? They are soooo good (and available at Bulk Barn :D), but today, I discovered Yan Yan, advertised on the Meiji site as "The Fun Dip Stick". The cookie stick comes with things printed on them, like Cow-Muuuuu. Okay, I'll give you that one. You kind of lost me at Goat-You are lucky today. And then there's Stag Beetle-Love it. Er. Okay? But this? I can't get behind this: Made no sense, but still tasted delicious.

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