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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beware the doughnuts.

I made a long anticipated trip to Value Village yesterday. I was looking for a ginormous plushie for Rocco but they had nothing. As per the fabric diet, I avoided that area. I didn't find any dirty plates either, but hope springs eternal on that front. So, what did I find?
Well, I did find plates.

I know they're a little out of season, but they'll be awesome about 10 months from now! Sorry about the bad pictures, too; the graphic is really clear, but they were very hard to get a picture of. They're only about 4" in diameter, and they're stamped American Greetings, but there's no year. Cost: $1.99 each.

And then.... (conveniently after lusting after this) I found a mini doughnut pan, that I don't think was ever used, for $3.99. So today this is what I've done:

I glazed mine (maple glaze, butter pecan, and vanilla with cinnamon and sugar). They're good, but I wouldn't use the glazes again. Next time: pumpkin doughnuts with a cream cheese dip. Giggity.

I haven't done anything else because I've been chasing the dogs around. Yes. DogS. And no, we didn't. We couldn't! WE WOULDN'T HAVE. Adam's friend brought his dog to play with Rocco while they work. He's great, other than liking to wander off instead of pee when he goes outside. Most people would wonder why Rocco was sleeping like this
but that was because Judd was lounging in his chair
... which Rocco was fine with. Until he wanted it back...
... so they settled on this...
How was your Saturday?

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