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Monday, January 24, 2011

This kind of weather makes me wish I was a bear

Not that I sometimes don't just wish I was a bear anyway...

I think the worst thing about being a bear would be NO COFFEE. Course, giving coffee to a bear just seems like a bad idea.


It was cold here (I know I don't really have any room to complain; compared to some places across the country, we have it good). It was around -30 here, with the windchill. My skin feels tight and itchy, and I only left the house to untangle the dog when he went out to pee (poor little pupsicle). So no w-a-l-k today; no trip to the dog park (which is more skating rink than park right now). How many more days til spring??
Don't feel too bad for him though: he did have company this morning.

The weather is perfect for sewing though. I managed to finish a messenger bag with only one broken needle, no injuries, and not as much maniacal swearing, as... well... as there could have been. It wasn't my fault! I should have known better than to line it with jersey. I loathe sewing the jersey. But here it is:

It really isn't crooked, contrary to how the pictures look; and the lining makes all the aggravation worth it. I think it needs a label that says, "Meredith knew about the affair; but Bernard would never know his coffee had been poisoned."


  1. Idea - maybe you could make a matching change purse with that label on it?

    The bag look s FANTABULOUS!

  2. Wait, another idea - make the matching change purse shaped like a thought bubble...

    No, no need to thank me. Just throw roses and loose change.

  3. I have no roses or loose change, but that's a very good idea. Also, I still want to be a bear.