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Thursday, January 13, 2011

God bless the Hamburger Helper.

So since I was up until 3.30 with indigestion that would drop a Hun, I figured I would get some things done for my Aunts for their birthdays. Birthday? They share a date. However you want to say it, here are some pictures, as I'm tired, hungry and still in misery. (Anyone have some miracle cures for indigestion that won't die??)
Anyroad. Here they are, out of the envelopes:

...and opened up:

Off to shower and mail these. And then write threatening letters to the little hamburger helper hand. Son of a....

PS. If you're new here, well, Hi, how are you? :D And check out my giveaway.


  1. *LOVE* the accordian albums! Fabulous, as always!

    I suffer from relentless heartburn, especially when I eat my favourite *ahem* bad for me things. I've always got the Life brand Ranitidine tablets (maximum strength) on hand. Generic Zantac. They work very well.

  2. The albums are WONDERFUL!

    Shame on you for eating Hamburger Helper. The heartburn is the universe telling you how bad it is!! It's all salt with a little meat mixed in.
    Try eating some soda crackers.

    Love you!!