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Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Vacation. I guess.

You may be wondering why I'm around so much. I'm pretty sure Rocco is wondering the same thing (although I don't think it's because I'm cutting into hit Maury watching like my sister thinks). We're having a bit of a slow down at work, so I'm on "vacation". Which I'm not at all happy about. Le sigh.

Moving on.

It's almost hallowe'en, and I'll be scrambling for a costume at the last minute, same as always. I was hoping to be a sock monkey since I saw this Kia commercial, and then I found this tutorial. But I simply left it too late, so I think Medusa will be revived once again. Next year, it will be mine. Big red arse and all ;D.

Do you have a favorite monster? I've always been partial to Frankenstein. See?

*This was one of my recommended videos on YouTube. I shouldn't be able to relate to Bluto quite as well as I do. But c'mon, you've never been tempted to do the same to some asinine douchebag? What was that? Anger Management? No, I'm fine, thank you.

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