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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pickin' up the trash, put it in the bag, bump bump...*

*This is in my head for no discernible reason. Oh, Humphrey, you make me laugh. Poor bugger, though. He should have just eaten the ranger. And then I found this one. I never liked the traditional Disney cartoons much, but these ones are just neat. Just one more.

Today was our first N'oreaster of the season, so much rain, and no work (and maybe none for the next week, as we've hit a lull. I'm not thinking about that right now). However, there was sewing to be done. I won't lie: I missed it. Remember about 40 years ago, when I found that awesome souvenir table cloth? Well, it's finally become a bag. Not sure about keeping it; I think it'll be coming to market with me next time I'm there; I'm aiming for early November, for the Christmas fiends. I'm pretty happy with the sack... I just really don't need another one... But it does so bring me back to the good times I had in the channel islands... (for the record, I had to look it up, as I'm not familiar with Guernsey). Miss Roxy is just incredible.

Started re-working the medicine cabinet too, and wanted to share this:

Poppy was the master of improvising when he didn't have quite what he needed (I like to think I got a little of that as well). In case it's not clear, the knob is actually a spool. ;D

One of those tools up there is the hook that my grandmother used to make this:

As far as I know, it's the only one she ever made. I loves it. :D

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  1. Thanks for stopping by mine. loving this tablecloth bag... Had thought to make cushions or maybe a pouf?

    If you would like, I will try to find you a very authentic Western Australian kitschy tablecloth of your very own - would you like a swapsy for christmas?

    BTW I am loving rocco the dog! He looks very 'nicely wild' as i like to say...