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Thursday, October 7, 2010

So I played hookie today. Except not really. I tried to go to work, I did. I called at 6am and was told to wait and see if it kept raining. And at 7.10, I was told it was raining, stay home. Everyone was staying home. Then an hour later, I was told (via phone message) that I could go in if I wanted the hours, bring my rain gear. I ask you: do you want to climb 35 feet on slippery staging while wearing rubber pants? Me neither (it's not the rain that put me off, it's not even the rubber pants; it's that the staging is decidedly unsafe when it's wet, but I digress). So I stayed home with my Brother (my Brother from my sister. Huh). We've bonded.

Here's Miss Roxy with her first project: a phone case that hasn't been sullied from work. Is she awesome? Yes. She works so well. I haven't had a chance to really play with all the settings yet, or try out the walking foot, or any of the hemming feet, but oh it's glorious. I love that I'm the only person who's ever sewn with her. I'm still amused by the needle threader. It's lurve.
This is what I managed to get done today. My phone case, and an e-book cozee (I'm trying to rebuild my market stock). Does anyone have a kindle, or a kobo (I think that's what the chapters version is called)? I'm not sure I'd like one, but I'd like some to hear some opinions.

See this? This cornucopia of awesomeness?? (Excuse the terrible picture please). This is my bday present from my BFF (see the prarie dog? Bwahahaha. I named him Sir Bartholemew LeMinky). Notebooks, and ribbon, and votives, oh my. Good thing I'm already working on the Christmas present.
You can't really see them, but right there on that polka dot material, there are earrings. Earrings that look like antlers.

Remember when I said we did some pumpkin purchasing? This was taken last sunday morning. Yes, it is getting cold, isn't it?

Sneak peak of my sewing room; here's my work table, or as Adam said, "But it's a door, and two other doors!" He thinks it looks good now that it's done (as far as you can tell from the picture, at least), but he was a little concerned at first, suggesting I don't make it too permanent, and just replace it with something better. What's better than FREE? It's big, and it works. And now: it's blue. It says create on top but *ahem* that part isn't finished. Also: Rocco discovered there's a rug in there; I didn't think he was going to leave.
I bought material. How could I not get this? It's was 40% off. There's a man who appears to be courting a bull. There's a band, so you know everyone is having a good time. But these images didn't prompt my purchase.
Nor did this interesting fellow; this man of many (odd and useless) talents.
(Do you suppose that's a regular umbrella, or a chicken-shit protector?).
It was this scene. Anyone want to propose what they think is happening? All I know is that I want a bear now. A bear who makes coffee.

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  1. You make me laugh much. I'm not sure what's happening there, I'm more concerned about the man and the bull. You know nothing good is going to come of that.